What specifically did you learn about asians in the u.s

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The critical review must be typed in 12 font, double-spaced, stapled, with 1-inch margins. MLA style. Spell and grammar check your paper.
WHAT DO YOU NEED TO DO? Watch one of the films below. Then, write a 3 full-paged critical review of the film, answering these questions:

1. In watching this film, what specifically did YOU learn about Asians in the U.S? Is this something you knew about or didn't? Do not simply summarize the film. We want to know what you thought about the film.

2. Please discuss the film in relation to what you are learning in this Asian American History class and readings? And relate the film to at least two readings on the syllabus, explaining why you picked these two readings to connect with the film.

Pick ONE film option below in the ASA 1 Extra Credit Films in Shields Library Reserves for 3 hr. loan-except when note below. Be sure that your choice is ONE of the films below, which was NOT shown in class.

1. Loni Ding. Ancestors in the Americas: Chinese in the Frontier West. (PART II) [Early Chinese American History in the U.S.] VHS

2. Stockton "Little Manila" [YouTube video on Filipino/a American Stockton community. See:


3.Dai-Sil-Kim, Christine Choy, and Elaine Kim, Sa-I-Gu [Documentary video on Korean American women in LA whose stores and lives are devastated in the violent aftermath of the Rodney King Trial.] VHS

4. Loni Ding, Forsaken Fields: Japanese Americans in California [Early Japanese American history, Internment and Executive Order 9066.] VHS

5. Christine Choy and Renee Tajima, Who Killed Vincent Chin? [Video on the violence and racism in June 1982 murder of Chinese American Vincent Chin in Detroit.] DVD

6. Sokly "Don Bonus" Ny and Spencer Nakasako, AKA Bonus [Documentary/memoir of Cambodian American Sokly Don Bonus" Ny, immigrant life in California.] VHS

7. Fahm Saeyang Producer/Writer and Richard Hall Director/Writer Death of a Shaman, ITVS, NAATA and KVIE TV. Great Blue Productions, 2003 [Iu-Mien family migration to California, effect of Vietnam War on family formations, father-daughter relationship, etc.]

8. Pat Saunders and Rea Tajiri, Yuri Kochiyama: Passion for Justice [Film on cross racial/ethnic alliances, activism/social movement.]

9. Producer/Director Anna Oh (AMS/FMS '14) Halmoni Film Screening & Panel Discussion, Tuesday, November 15 from 6-8PM (Location TBD) [This film is about millions of undocumented Asian immigrants in the U.S. Features the story of 24-year-old immigrant activist Ju Hong, who travels back to South Korea to reunite with his ailing grandmother, who is diagnosed with Alzheimer's.

Reference no: EM131304094

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