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Question: Read the case then answer the following questions in short paragraphs:

1. Why has Innocent Drinks succeeded?

2. What specific resources/activities/attributes did the company build or conduct to take advantage of the opportunities in the market? At what cost were these resources/activities built or conducted?

3. Should Innocent expand its geographic territory to Europe or the U.S., or should they extend their current product line or some combination of those? Be specific and tell me why.

4. How would you value Innocent Drinks at the time of the case (specific numbers)? Should the company consider a purchase offer at this time? If so, what would the minimum terms be?

5. Should Richard Reed, Jon Wright, and Adam Balon consider altering their management structure? Why or why not?

Article: Innocent Drinks (By William A. Sahlman)

Reference no: EM132234231

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