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Write one paragraph for each below given situation

1. Supervising Telecommuters: I have never personally had the chance to supervise someone who is a telecommuter. When I think of a telecommuter I picture a guy or girl who never gets out of their pajamas and has pizza boxes stacked over their messy house while they work. I am not trying to offend anyone if you have telecommuted for work. My whole career I have been in some sort of hands on job, so it is hard for me to understand this concept. It would be great to hear some insight from the class on this topic.
Is there anyone who has good experience with telecommuting? If so, what sort of challenges did you face? How would you supervise someone who is a telecommuter effectively?

2. Centralization: In organizations there are two modes of decision making, one is the centralized decision making process. This is where the decision is made by the top management in a given organization where those who are below the chain of command are not involved in the process. There is also the decentralized decision making which is where the process of decision making is handled by those closest to the problem. Today's market place has adapted this mode of decision making since it's by far the most effective one. 
What do you think are the benefits and the disadvantage of these two methods of decision making?

3. Organizing: As a manger of any kind you will be required to take on many different roles to those you manage you will also be required to take on numerous tasks at once and it will be easy for you to get scrabbled and mixed up in your day by day requirements. The best way to stay organized and on schedule is to maintain a great sense of being organized as it will help make things flow and process smoothly. How important do you find organization to be in a managerial role and have you had a situation where being organized helped you in a conflict at work or school?

4. Pro-empowerment of Employees: I was somewhat surprised to see that our text is pro empowerment of employees. Top management (staff level) at Chrysler assumes supervisors and area manager's micro manage their subordinates. I do not agree with this. Those in my department are mine and I manage them as I see fit within the confines of the contract they signed. I empower all of my people. Employees become more capable and get more done from authority, access, and knowledge that would not have otherwise been received. Without doing so, every day would be a complete failure. However, negatives do exist- the more work competed will always net more work put on the table. Any opinion to share?

5. Centralization: Decentralization and centralization mode of organizational structure depends on the different type of organizations or businesses. Business owners should carefully consider which type of organizational structure to use in their company. Small organizations typically benefit from centralized organizational structures because owners often remain at the forefront of business operations. Larger organizations usually require a more decentralized structure since such companies can have several divisions or departments. Business owners may need to consider changing the organizational structure depending on the growth and expansion of business operations. Do you agree?

6. Work Specialization: It is often claimed that many of the corporate bodies today require increased amount of technological sophistication. This rapid movement towards technical assistance has led to an inclination towards and preference for work specialization. 
Please share your opinion regarding the consequences of a sharp increase in work specialization. Throw light on both positive as well as negative consequences.

Reference no: EM131096033

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