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Q1.What background information was provided about the health issue and why it is an issue?


  1. What was the research question(s) (what did the researchers want to investigate)?
  2. What rationale was given for conducting this study (why did the researchers believe this study was needed)?


  1. What research design was used this study?
  2. What level of evidence is this study design?
  3. Briefly explain why this research design is appropriate or not appropriate to answer the research question.


  1. What were the outcomes (dependent variables) to be investigated in the study?
  2. What outcome measures (measurement tools) were used for each outcome, and what information do the authors provide about the reliability and/or validity of the measurement tools?


  1. Describe the study sample and how were they sampled?
  2. Please explain why the sample and sampling method is appropriate, or not appropriate, for this study

Q6.Identify the statistical tests performed on the data and comment on the appropriateness of each statistical test with regard to the type of data collected and the aim/s of the study

Q7.What were the main findings with regard to the research question/s identified in Q2? Use a combination of the statistical results provided in the text and a plain language summary in your answer

Q8.What are the limitations of this study? Include any relevant issues impacting on the internal validity of the study, and the external validity of the study findings

Q9.On the basis of your careful reading and critical assessment of this research study, what contribution do you think these research findings make to the evidence base in this area of health research and to the future health of the target population or the wider community?

Reference no: EM131939

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