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Question: Status Offenders vs. Juvenile delinquents

How would you differentiate between status offenders and juvenile delinquents? What range of penalties should be enforced? What type of sanctions would be appropriate for status offenders and/or juvenile delinquents?

Do you believe status offenders should be treated differently than juvenile delinquents? Why, or why not?

In your response, please include research to support your opinion.

Topic 1: Actus Reus

State whether Billy Bob or Susie Q should be criminally charged in the following two scenarios and explain your answer.

Scenario 1: Billy Bob is asleep and sleepwalks to his car, gets in, starts it, and sleep-drives down the street where he gets into a crash and kills Ciao.

Scenario 2: Susie Q has a known and serious heart condition, but refuses to take her medication. She gets in her car, starts it, and drives down the street where she has a heart attack that causes a crash that kills Ciao.

Topic 2: Double Jeopardy

Discuss the Rodney King cases in terms of the Double Jeopardy Clause of the Fifth Amendment. First, discuss what double jeopardy is and its constitutional origin. Also, discuss why there were two separate trials in the Rodney King matter and whether the Double Jeopardy Clause was violated in doing so.

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