What product would you like to use to explore supply chain

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1. What product would you like to use to explore the supply chain, and why did you select that specific product? Explain.

2. Over the last year, 1,800 injections were administered at a clinic. Quality is measured by the proper amount of dosage as well as the correct drug. In six instances, the incorrect amount was given, and in three cases, the wrong drug was given. a) What is the epmo metric? b) What sigma level does it correspond to? (You may need to use the Excel template).

3. During this course, you have compiled a marketing plan for your fictional start-up company. Share the most important part of the marketing plan, and include an explanation of your company and product/service, situation analysis, and the application to the four Ps (marketing mix).

Reference no: EM132184852

Explain financial or market highlights

The executive summary, or one pager, is a company marketing document intended to excite potential investors, customers, advisers, and employees. Its purpose is to get the ca

Evaluate kirkpatricks four levels of training evaluation

Evaluate Kirkpatrick's four levels of training evaluation and determine which level would be most appropriate for the average organization. Why is level four so difficult to

Procurement and acquisition plan-human resource plan

Human Resource Plan: Describe the resource requirements for the project and the roles and skills required of each team member, including the roles and responsibility of the pr

Affiliate-arranging for training-procedures and supervision

A small hospital in a well-managed healthcare system can consider three ways to obtain a CSS. It can "stand alone," hiring its own professionals. It can "outsource," buying se

Fundamental to strategic management

Fundamental to strategic management is the need to change strategies over time. Why is this necessary? How is this accomplished? How do you get stakeholders to buy into these

C&a identifies two location alternatives

C&A identifies two location alternatives. Chicago has annual fixed costs of $20,000 and variable costs of $50 per unit. New York has annual fixed costs of $55,000 and variable

Discuss what categories of swot elements of information

Discuss what categories of SWOT elements of information are readily available on Internet. Illustrate what categories of data are difficult or impossible to find out on Inte

Raising money on the international capital market

A firm based in Greece is finding its growth limited by the limited liquidity of the Greek capital market. List the firm’s options for raising money on the international capit


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