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Employability Skills

Beyond the technical skills your degree does/will provide, what other skills are employers seeking? Have a look at job advertisments such as those in CareerOne. Other than technical skills, which skills are employers seeking? (seek.com.au)


1. Compile a list of at least four skills that are listed as essential or desirable from the advertisments you have sighted, that are unrelated to the specifics of the discipline area. Post your list in the discussion forum together with references to the advertisments you have extracted the information from.

2. Is there a common theme emerging from the group postings? Work together in your group to develop a summary of the groups findings.
Your next task is to reflect on which aspects of your formal and informal education are going to help you reach the career goals or direction you identified earlier. You need to refer to the Australian Computer Society Core Body of Knowledge (CBoK) - you will find the link in the Resources folder - and reflect on how the studies you have completed to date fit into each of the knowledge areas listed in the CBoK.


1. Do you think that you need knowledge in all, some or none of those areas in order to have a successful IT career? Why?
2. Can you identify the gaps in your knowledge? Is there a need to address them? If so, how are you going to address them? If not, why not?
3. Post a short message in your group discussion forum on the outcomes of your reflections.
4. Respond to your fellow group members postings. Do you think they are being realistic in their expectations? What advice would you give them to overcome their shortcomings? Remember to be supportive and constructive when providing feedback. Consider what sort of advice you would find useful when giving others advice.

Reference no: EM13331975

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