What order quantity is optimal if the intent is to minimize

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A company will begin stocking remote control devices. Expected monthly demand is 800 units. The controllers can be purchased from either supplier A or supplier B. Their price lists are as follows: SUPPLIER A SUPPLIER B Quantity Unit Price Quantity Unit Price 1–199 $14.00 1–149 $14.10 200–499 13.80 150–349 13.90 500 + 13.60 350 + 13.70 Ordering cost is $40 and annual holding cost is 25 percent of unit price per unit. a-1. Which supplier should be used? Supplier A Supplier B a-2. What order quantity is optimal if the intent is to minimize total annual costs? 200 300 500 350 150 1

Reference no: EM13968149

Daily demand can be approximated by a normal distribution

Skinner's fish market buys fresh boston cluefish daily for $4.20 per pound and sells it for $5.70 per pound. At the end of each business day, any remaining bluefish is sold to

Costs are equal to five percent of the cost of the drink

The manager of the Quick Stop Corner Convenience Store (which never closes)sells four cases of Dr. Pepper each day. Order costs are $8.00 per order, and Dr. Pepper costs $.80

A forecaster uses weighted moving average with weights

A forecaster uses weighted moving average with weights .20, .30, and .50. If the demand of March, April and May were 200, 220, 230, what would he forecast demand for June?

Utilizing the marketing plan grading rubric

Utilizing the “Marketing Plan Grading Rubric” uploaded on the front EO page, plan to do your marketing plan. Please note that this is not a rubric for a "complete" marketing p

Time required by susan for the tenth unit

By the tenth repetition trainees must be able to complete the assembly task in 1 hour or less. Susan sweaney has just spent 7 hours on the fourth unit and 5 hours completing h

Decreases the inventory review cycle

Decreases the inventory review cycle to 13 weeks and push the vendor to reduce the lead time to 5 weeks. Keep the service level at each store the same (95%). What is the total

What is the total safety stock precious things holds

Precious Things owns and operates 100 stores across the country. One of the products it sells is an alarm clock engraved with different words. There are three types of words:

Supporters of tort reform say its unfair that plaintiffs

Supporters of tort reform say it's unfair that plaintiffs (the parties bringing lawsuits) don't have to pay damages to the defendants (the parties subject to the lawsuits) if


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