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In Boston in 1968, Dr. Benjamin Spock, a famous pediatrician and activist against the Vietnamese was, was tried for conspiracy to violate the Selective Service Act (Military Draft). The judge who tried Dr. Spock had the following interesting record. Of the 700 people the judge had selected for jury duty in his previous trials, only 15% were women. Yet in the city as a whole, about 29%of the eligible jurors were women. Let p denote the probability that a juror drawn by the judge is a woman. Then to test the judge’s fairness in selecting women, what null hypothesis should be? What alternative hypothesis should be?

Reference no: EM13330898

Critical value method to test the claim

The average price of a car wash is $5.00. A sample of six car washes averaged $5.70 and had a sample standard deviation of $1.30. Assuming a normal population, use the criti

Analyze the difference between means and write a conclusion

The dependent variable was the child's score on the Behavioral Screening Questionnaire (BSQ), which was filled out by the mother. High BSQ scores indicate more problems. Ana

Difference in the proportions of female students

The English Department wants to know whether there is a difference in the proportions of female students taking Eng 110 and Eng 100 courses. Samples are collected from eac

Statistics play an important role in understanding ..

Statistics play an important role in understanding the construct of personality. With SPSS, comparison of means analyses can be conducted to promote a greater understanding of

Meaning of the y-intercept

nterpret the meaning of the y-intercept, b(0), and the slope, b(1), in this problem. Use the prediction line developed in (a) to predict the GPA for a student a GMAT score of

Determining mean hieght

A sample of 40 new baseball with mean of 92.67 and standard deviation of 1.79 does it have a mean hieght that is less than a ball with a mean of 92.84

What percentage of bolts will not meet specifications

A manufacturer produces bolts that are specified to be between 2.25 and 2.35 cm in diameter. Production process produces bolts with diameters normally distributed with mean

Opinion regarding the person-situation debate

Please answer the following essay question in 600 words with appropriate citations. 1. What is your opinion regarding the person-situation debate and why do you take that si


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