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Assume you are on a search committee to replace the CEO of a large multi-national corporation with its HQ in Chile, Latin America. The corporation has encountered significant challenges with operations in Paris where there has been a high degree of resistance to change, even though the Paris office is the highest revenue earner. The office in South Asia presents no obvious management challenges but is the least effective in terms of revenue.

The former CEO was seen as authoritative and powerful. While successful, his senior managers had little respect for him. Staff outside of the HQ rarely saw him or his leadership team and when they did, he always appeared irritated, frequently muttering that ‘we don't do it like that at HQ.'

Prepare a report to take to the committee that sets out what needs to be considered in appointing a new CEO in terms of their leadership style, cultural competence, vision and strategic direction in leading this multi-national corporation to high revenue across all of its worldwide offices.

Your considerations need to be backed up by academic scholarly work and must not be based upon your opinion.'

Note: Please ensure references include:

Steers, R.M., Sanchez-Runde, C,J., Nardon, L (2010) Managing Across Cultures: Challenges and Strategies. Cambridge University Press. Available from eBook Collection (EBSCOhost).

Schneider, S. &Barsoux, J-L. (2003) Managing Across Cultures, New York, Prentice-Hall.

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Reference no: EM13687087

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