What must the load be to extract maximum power from circuit

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Consider a circuit that is connected to a phasor of 120V/0 degrees. The circuit feeds a 10 ohm resistor on the "hot" lead and then the circuit branches. One branch sees a 0.5A /60 degree phasor current source (oriented with "arrow oriented right) and a series capacitor with reactance of 8 ohms. The other branch is an inductor with reactance of 8 ohms. If an external load is to be placed across teh current phasor source, find the Thevenin source equivalent of the circuit described. Draw the original circuit and the Thevenin equivalent circuit. What must the load be to extract maximum power from the circuit?

Reference no: EM13270799

Find does sampling frequency meet the nyquist requirement

Five periods of the signal s(t)=sin(2500pi*t) are sampled at a sampling frequency of 4000 Hz. a. Does this sampling frequency meet the Nyquist requirement for the signal? b.

How many charges need to move across the membrane

During an AP, the membrane potential typically moves from -70mV to +20mV and back again. In a cell with 10um radius and 1uF/cm^2, how many charges need to move across the me

Determine the laplace transform of the causal signals

Any causal signal x(t) having a Laplace transform with poles in the open-left s-plane (i.e., not including the j axis) has, as we saw before, a region of convergence that in

What is the amount of capacitive reactive power

A 3-phase load on a bus is metered at 3,200 kW with a 0.83 lagging power factor. What is the amount of capacitive reactive power that will correct the system power factor to

Evaluate the project''s escalated dollar irr

Evaluate the project's escalated dollar IRR if both capital costs and operating costs are estimated to escalate at 15% per year from time zero and income is estimated to esc

Determine the diameter of the sheath

A concentric cable has a core diameter of 10 mm. The inductance of the cable is 4 *E-7 H/m. Ignoring inductance due to internal linkages, determine the diameter of the sheat

Determine the 8-bit sign-and-magnitude for each number

Determine the 8-bit sign-and-magnitude, 1's complement, and 2's complement representations for each of the following decimal numbers: +36, -84. (Note: Be sure to represent +

Describe what is the amat

Assume a block size of 256 bytes, a clock rate of 1GHz, an L1 miss rate of 2%, and that main memory takes 100ns of overload and then delivers 16 bytes per clock cycle. What


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