What must average speed of the car be during the last min

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During the first 18 minutes of a 1 hour trip, a car has an average speed of 11 m/s. What must the average speed of the car be during the last 42 minutes of the trip to be if the car is to have an average of 21 m/s for the entire trip?

Reference no: EM13306499

What is the steady-state concentration of radon in the house

The total volume of the house is 650 m3 (assume that the volume is well mixed throughout). The radon source emits 250 pCi/s (A picoCurie [pCi] is a unit proportional to the

Calculate the largest tolerable internal crack length

Calculate the largest tolerable internal crack length for a 7075-T651 aluminum alloy component that is loaded to a stress one-half of its yield strength without catastrophic

Determine the ultimate bod and 5-day bod of the sample

A result of a 7-day BOD test performed on a sample from anoligotrophic lake was 10 mg/L. The base 'e' BOD rate constantdetermined from previous studies was estimated to be 0

Determine z components of the electric field in a region

An electron has an initial velocity with an x component of zero, a y component of 9.35 km/s, a z component 16.1 km/s, and a constant acceleration of 1.60 x 1012 m/s2 in the

Calculate the equivalent uniform annual cash flow

Annual rare based on amount of products which can ordinarily be shipped each year as a function of the amount of vehicles or service purchased with the first cost and the M&

Calculate the detention time horizontal flow-through

A flocculation basin equipped with revolving paddles is 60 ft long (the direction of flow). 45 ft wide, and 14 ft deep and treats 10 mgd. The power input to provide paddle-bla

What is the total distance traveled during time interval t

A Particle is traveling on a straight line with velocity v=(3t^2-6t) where t is in sec. if s=4 ft when t=0, determine the position of the particle when t=4s. what is the tot

Determine the initial weight and final density of the water

A steel tank hold 120 ft^3 of water at atmospheric pressure(14.7psi and 68.4 degrees f). the water is subjected to a 100 fold increase in pressure. determine the initial wei


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