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Covering letter and Interview Questions. 1 page for each

Prepare a covering letter for any one option of job openings provided below in 1 page

. Your covering letter, applying for any one of the following positions:

o Management Internee (Training)
o Office/Marketing Coordinator
o Business Development Manager
o Bank Management Trainee

Complete the interview questions listed below in 1 page

Your most appropriate answers to the following interview questions:

o Tell us something about yourself (briefly)
o Why did you select our company?
o What are your major hobbies?
o Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
o What are your salary expectations?
o How can you be adding value to our company?
o What do you know about this job?

-If accepted, what major points will you consider before joining the company; financial Aspects or working environment?

Reference no: EM131304023

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