What level of output represents their break-even point

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1. A company with fixed costs of $20,000 per month has a target price of $180 for their sole product, a heat shield for masonry fireplaces.

What level of output represents their break-even point if their variable cost for producing is $40 per unit?

2. During the 1960s and 1970s, both horizontal and related acquisitions were discouraged as they were regularly challenged by agencies of the federal government. The ability of firms to make horizontal acquisitions increased in the 1980s because of changes in the interpretation and enforcement of antitrust laws and regulations by the courts and the Justice Department. Do you concur with this and if so why?

3. Contact your local staffing agency. What do staff members believe companies look for in sales position applicants?

Write more than 300 words.

Reference no: EM132184118

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Today, some companies are considered weak in “cost advantage”. Define “cost advantage and provide two examples of sources of “cost advantages”.

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