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Reflecting on your readings, other articles you locate in the professional literature, your online research for career resources, and your exploration of the Capella Career Center, consider the types of career-planning information and resources you might draw from when exploring career-related issues with clients and students.

For this discussion, imagine that you are working with a 17-year-old adolescent and his family. They have come to see you because the teen is not attending school regularly and states that he intends to drop out because school is boring and he wants to start working and be treated like an adult. His parents state that they are willing to treat him like an adult if he prepares for his future appropriately and can demonstrate that he will be able to find a job he enjoys and earn enough income to support himself. He is not sure what kind of career path he would like to follow and would consider vocational training.

As the counselor, what knowledge about career and educational planning do you need to begin your work with this teen? How would you go about locating resources that would be helpful for the teen and his family? Include in your post at least two resources from the Capella Career Center and at least two online career resources that the teen could access to support his career and educational planning process.

Also, discuss in your post how you would move forward with the teen and his family to address any concerns that may arise about the teen's success in finding an appropriate job or vocational training placement, as well as what type of follow-up and evaluation you would include about this issue in future counseling sessions.

Reference no: EM131027678

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