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Lab - Using Encryption to Enhance Confidentiality and Integrity


In this lab, you learned how cryptography tools can be used to ensure message and file transfer integrity and how encryption can be used to maximize confidentiality. You used Kleopatra, the certificate management component of GPG4Win, to generate both a public and a private key as both a sender and a receiver. You used the sender's keys to encrypt a file, sent it to the receiver, and decrypted it using the receiver's copy of the keys.

Lab Assessment Questions & Answers

1. If you and another person want to encrypt messages, should you provide that person with your public key, private key, or both?

2. What does Kleopatra allow you to do once it is installed?

3. What key type was used to create the certificate on Kleopatra? What other types of encryption key types are possible?

4. What was the fingerprint generated with your Kleopatra certificate?

5. If someone sends you his public key and you import it into Kleopatra, will he be able to decrypt the encrypted messages you send him?

Reference no: EM131152997

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