What is your estimated futrue value

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Assume you are 25 and earn $35,000 per year, never expect to receive a raise, and plan to retire at age 55. if you invest 5 percent of your salary in a 401(k) plan returning 10 percent annually, and the company provides a $0.50 per $1.00 match on your contribution up to 3 percent of your salary , what is your estimated futrue value? once you retire, how much can you withdrawl monthly if you want to deplete your account over 30 years (Use the money in motion Caculator)

Reference no: EM13294852

Find pressure rise and efficiency as a function of flow rate

The width of the annulus h is very small compared to the diameter of the drum, so that the flow in the annulus is equivalent to the flow between two flat plates. Assume the

Difference between a stock dividend and a stock split

What is the difference between a stock dividend and a stock split? As a stockholder, would you prefer to see your company declares a 100 percent stock dividend or a 2-for-1 sp

Set up a bank compromise explanation

At the point when parity according to pass book (positive) is given,Mrs.Jame's pass book,you are obliged to set up a Bank compromise explanation and discover the equalization

What is the expected return of the put option

Harbin Manufacturing has 10 million shares outstanding with a current share price of $20 per share. In one year, the share price is equally likely to be $30 or $18. The risk-f

How the federal reserve would carry out this policy

the aggregate demand curve intersects the short-run aggregate supply curve to the right of potential GDP. Briefly explain how the Federal Reserve would carry out this policy

What is the current cost of equity capital for the firm

The weighted average cost of capital for a firm (assuming all three Modigliani and Miller assumptions apply) is 15 percent. What is the current cost of equity capital for th

Write a questionnaire about ice cream flavors

You are planning to open an ice cream parlor. You want to have a wide variety of flavors for your patrons to select from, so you are going to ask potential customers to iden

Has there ever been a carry trade that hasn''t ended badly

An anonymous billionaire investor was quoted in the Wall Street Journal as asking: "Has there ever been a carry trade that hasn't ended badly?" What is a carry trade? Why mi


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