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Case-Predicting NCAA Bowl Game

What is time series forecasting? How would it be of value to NCAA bowl prediction problem?

How successful were the prediction results? What else can they do to improve the accuracy?

How did the researchers formulate/design the prediction problem (i.e., what were the inputs and output, and what was the representation of a single sample—row of data)?

What are the foreseeable challenges in predicting sporting event outcomes (e.g., college bowl games)?

Table 2.6 of the case details a “confusion matrix”. What is a “confusion matrix”? How is the accuracy column calculated from the confusion matrix?

Explain one of the regression models (simple, multiple----linear, logistic). Explain why the results of the model you choose would or would not be of value to the NCAA bowl games problem.

At what stage of the “Process Flow for Developing Regression Models” (fig 2.14) would regression be used.

Reference no: EM132280602

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