What is the voltage output of the thermopile

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What would be the voltage output of the thermopile in Prob. 8.60 if the cooler junction was maintained at 0?C?

Prob. 8.60

A thermopile is constructed of type N thermocouple wire having 10 junction pairs. One set of junctions is assembled and exposed to a temperature of 50?C while the other set of junctions is immersed in boiling water at 100?C. What is the voltage output of the thermopile?

Reference no: EM131344414

What is the probability that if purchased car is better

An automobile that you are looking at purchasing has an advertised fuel mileage of 30 miles per gallon. You rent the car for a week and track your mileage to school and back

Calculate maximum allowable shear force v max for the girder

is fabricated of two 300 mm X 25 mm flange plates and a 800 mm X 16 mm web plate. the plates are joined by four fillet welds that run continuously for the length of the gird

Determine what is speed of the car as it passes the light

If the motorist wishes to pass the light just as it turns green without having to stop, what is the required uniform deceleration of the car and what is the speed of the car

Determine the displacement of the beam at each end

A rigid beam (AB), 12 feet in length, with a point load of 9 kips (4 feet from A) is resting on two short steel rods (AC & BD). Diameter of Rod AC is 1 inch, Rod BD diameter i

Flame temperature and total entropy

Plot the flame temperature and total entropy (or entropy difference) for burning gaseous hydrogen and gaseous oxygen as a function of the dissociation of water into OH (0-1)

What is the ratio of the area at this location to entrance

Assuming isentropic flow, determine the pressure and temperature of air at a location where the air velocity equals the speed of sound. What is the ratio of the area at this

How is the spent carbon removed from the pressure contactors

Testing has already been completed on the water and the Usage Rate for the carbon is 0.4 pounds of carbon per 1000 gallons of water treated. The required EBCT is 20 minutes

What is the unpleasant taste and odor threshold in units

Chlorophenols impart unpleasant taste and odor to drinking water at con-centrations as low as 5 mg/m3. They are formed when the chlorine disin-fection process is applied to


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