?what is the value of the test statistic

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A national survey of air traffic controllers asked whether job-related stress negatively affected their lives. Out of 476 air traffic controllers surveyed, 440 answered "Yes." Use this information to calculate the value of the test statistic and the P-value for a test of H0:p=0.9 against Ha:p>0.9.

What is the value of the test statistic?

What is the P-value?

Reference no: EM132184452

Normal distribution to approximate desired probability

Merta reports that 74% of its trains are on time. A check of 60 randomly selected trains shows that 38 of them arrived on time. Find the probability that among the 60 trains

Determine the internal moment

The jack AB is used to straighten the bent beam DE using the arrangement shown. If the axial compressive force in the jack is 5000 lb, determine the internal moment develope

Probability sample of games would have sample mean less

Calculate the probability that a randomly chosen sample of 17 games would have a sample mean less than the one you calculated in this exam. Use the standard normal distribut

What is the standard deviation of number

A national study has determined that people who work full time average 43.4 hours worked per week. Assume that the number of house worked per week for those who work full ti

Investigate the hypothesis that dvd revenues

Fully investigate the hypothesis that DVD revenues are larger on average when the box office revenue is in excess of $100 million. State all required assumptions, indicate y

Operational spacecraft undergo substantial mass

Operational spacecraft undergo substantial mass property and configuration changes during their lifetime [25]. For example, the inertias change considerably during operatio

Determining probability distribution for x

Find the probability distribution for X defined as the number of defective items drawn (Hint: You have to find P(X=0), P(X=1) and P(X=2). You may have to use both multiplica

Find the mean and median and mode of the processing times

Find the mean, median, and mode of the processing times. Interpret the differences between them.- Compute the range, variance, and standard deviation of the processing times a


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