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1) A stock will pay dividends of $1.0, $4.0, and $8.0 over the next three years, and then increase dividends at a rate of 7.0% afterwards. Its required rate of return is 19.0%. What is the value of the stock? Round to the penny.

2) A stock will pay a dividend of $4.0 at the end of the year. It sells today for $103.0 and its dividends are expected grow at a rate of 9.0%. What is the implied rate of return on this stock? Enter in percent and round to two decimal places.

3) A company pays out 33.0% of its earnings in dividends. Its return on equity is 10.0%. What is its growth rate? Enter in percent and round to two decimal places.

Reference no: EM131101094

Investor be expected to pay per share

If the current price of the stock is $18.90, and the equity cost of capital for the company that released the shares is 6.4%, what price would an investor be expected to pay

What is the firms return on equity

Bryley, Inc. earned a net profit margin of 5.1 percent last year and had an equity multiplier of 3.49. If its total assets are $109 million and its sales are $157 million, w

Investment strategy based on funds

To answer this question you are to develop an investment strategy specifically on yourself, and as realistic as possible, and reflecting your view of macro-economics and its

Question regarding the two-asset portfolio

Stock A has an expected return of 10% and a standard deviation of 40%. Stock B has an expected return of 20% and a standard deviation of 65%. The correlation coefficient bet

Concept of earnings quality

The concept of accounting quality has several dimensions, but two characteristics often dominate: the accounting information should be a fair representation of performance f

Home culture and the host culture

The degree of cultural difference between the home culture and the host culture is likely to be a source of discomfort to the degree that the value systems, level of economi

Risk adjusted required rate of return

Will-O-Wind Airlines always invests (in non-depreciating assets) 20% of its earnings, which will be next period (Period 1) $3 per share. The rest it pays out as dividends. I

Cost of equity and the weighted average cost

Grace Fine Dining Trust is financed 100 percent with equity and intends to remain this way. Grace's common stock beta is 1.20, the expected market return is 12 percent, and


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