What is the throughput time for average product

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Finishing a product takes 4 processes: Process 1 takes 5 minutes and has 5 machines Process 2 takes 8 minutes and has 2 machines Process 3 takes 3 minutes and has one machine Process 4 takes 5 minutes and has two machines. If there are currently 60 products in line to be finished, what is the throughput time for an average product?

Reference no: EM131149581

Problem on valuation concepts

The management and Directors of Google have stated that there is no plan for Google to ever pay dividends. Yet, the stock trades at a very high price in dollar terms and at a

What two aspects of change paradigms-an overview struck

What two aspects of the "Change Paradigms: An Overview" struck you most? Explain why, along with their relevance to "real life" change efforts from research or your personal e

Major benefits and potential barriers to achieving benefits

What are the major benefits and potential barriers to achieving benefits in an EHR? What steps are important to overcome barriers? Described the three forms of signatures in t

Intimation and proper sanction of leave

Mrs. R is a habitual absentee and remains absent without any intimation and proper sanction of leave. Her absentee records show that she has remained absent from her duties

Which project role would probably make a presentation

In SDLC Which project role would probably make a presentation about the objectives of a proposed project and its benefits to executives who will benefit directly from the pr

Compute the total sales variance and the sale price variance

Compute the total sales variance, the sales price variance, and the sales volume variance. Given the analysis, consider the potential impact on HR planning for employee headc

Find there is nothing about mission statements

Is there a way to search topics? For example, what if I want to search for items about mission statements? I don't want to have to go through each question to find there is no

Deliverables are currently-risk of falling behind schedule

Team Failure A virtual team's deliverables are currently at risk of falling behind schedule. The virtual team leader must determine whether the poor team performance is due to


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