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1. During the previous weeks, you have developed your public speaking skills. As you evaluate your progress at midterm, which one of the skills listed below do you plan to further develop during the remainder of the quarter? Explain why you selected this skill and share specific actions you will take to further develop it.

Option A: Actively listening

Option B: Conducting research

Option C: Creating an outline

2. Polar Containers makes? high-end coolers for camping. The total task time needed to make a cooler is 350 ?seconds, with the longest individual task taking 120 seconds. Polar Containers would like to set up a line capable of producing 40 coolers per 6?-hour day. What is the takt? time? What is the maximum output per? day? ?(?Hint: Consider the longest individual task? time.)

Reference no: EM132280703

Calculate the economic order quantity to the nearest integer

It costs you $500 every time you place an order for a particular product. It costs you $3 per unit to keep this product in stock. Annual sales are 3639. Calculate the Economic

Important to document the methodology assumptions

Review the goals of the ResNet final audit report. What was the focus of the audit? Why was it important to document the methodology assumptions? What other questions could be

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What mechanism in the career planning process is designed to align the organization's and individual's expectations of the individual's role and career prospects within the or

Discuss the assumptions of the basic EOQ model

The purchasing agent for a company that assembles and sells air-conditioning equipment in a Latin American country noted that the cost of compressors has increased significant

Assume that the securities and exchange commission

Assume that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has a rule that it will enforce statutory provisions prohibiting insider trading only when the insiders make monetary

Job applicants with black-sounding

In the Bertrand and Mullainathan study of name-based discrimination, job applicants with "Black-sounding" names were granted interviews significantly fewer times than those wi

What could they do to create this consumer environment

What is a brand community, and what value can it bring to a brand? Would you say that Freitag has created a strong brand community? If so, how... or if not, what could they do

Explain the knowledge acquisition strategies

Explain which knowledge acquisition strategies would help wind tunnel to gain the necessary intellectual capital. Discuss the particular objectives of purchasing also supply m


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