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A national study has determined that people who work full time average 43.4 hours worked per week. Assume that the number of house worked per week for those who work full time is normally distributed. Suppose 12% of these workers more than 48 hours. Based on this perecentage, what is the standard deviation of number of hours worked per week for those workers?

Reference no: EM13237130

Hosmer-lemeshow goodness-of-fit test

Here is an alternative to the Hosmer-Lemeshow goodness-of-fit test when at least one predictor is continuous: Partition values for the explanatory variables into a set of re

Find the variance of the random variable

Find the variance of the random variable and its standard deviation.- Verify that P(x) is a probability distribution.- Find the cumulative distribution function of the random

Did company initially commit type i or type ii error

Suppose that further polling reveals that this WNBA star really is known to about 30% of the target audience. Did the company initially commit a Type I or Type II error in n

Why might strati?cation by province be a good thing

List two socioeconomic factors that would be appropriate to use for strati?cation. Explain how each factor would relate to the consumption of alcohol in general and of wine

Homogeneity of variances

Which type of ANOVA should you use to analyze these data, and why should you choose this type of ANOVA? Analyze your data, being sure to interpret your results and explain yo

Contingency table of observed frequencies

Part A: Identify the null and alternative hypotheses for a chi-square test of independence based on the information in the table. Part B: Calculate the expected frequencies f

Deficit reduction in the sullivan statistics survey

Sullivan Statistics Survey: Deficit Reduction In the Sullivan Statistics Survey, respondents were asked, "Would you be willing to pay higher taxes if the tax revenue went d

Find probability that amount spent on selected child is more

Assume the standard deviation is $160 and that the amount spent is normally distributed. What is the probability that the amount spent on a randomly selected child is more t


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