What is the simple moving average forecast for year

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A company wants to forecast demand using the simple moving average. If the company uses four prior yearly sales values i.e., year 2012 = 106 , year 2013 = 126 , year 2014 =150 , and year 2015 = 197 , what is the simple moving average forecast for year 2016? Provide your answer up to 2 significant decimals.

Reference no: EM131437614


The communication process (Sender-transmission-Receiver-Feedback) NOISE...can be very difficult to manage. Provide an example of poor communication. (Videos, cartoons, picture

What is the optimal objective value

Suppose a maximization LP problem has the following four corner points: (0, 0), (10, 0), (5, 5), and (0, 7). If the objective function is X+ 2Y, what is the optimal objective

Explain effectiveness of logistics system in rural market

This case analyses the distribution strategy of Hindustan Lever Limited (HLL), the 51.6% subsidiary of Unilever and the largest FMCG Company in India. Traditionally HLL's dist

During the execution of project

During the execution of a project, a risk is identified by a team member. This newly identified risk is currently not in the Risk Register. As a Project Manager, what is the f

What values do they represent-either explicitly

Find three corporate vision statements and/or mission statements on the web. What values do they represent, either explicitly or implicitly?  Would you want to work for these

Describe one sports-related public relations incident

Briefly describe one sports-related public relations incident that has happened recently in the news with a sport’s governing body, sports organization, sporting goods manufac

Statement for current organization

Compose a safety policy statement for your current organization (or an organization for which you previously worked), following the guidelines in the course textbook. Be cer

What are the different potential issues associated

You are a facility manager for a local high school and your facility is being activated by the American Red Cross to serve as an emergency shelter. On the “Facility as Shelter


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