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The mens rea for receiving stolen property varies from state to state. In some states, receivers have to know the goods are stolen. In others, believing the goods are stolen is enough. What is the required mens rea in Ohio? In all jurisdictions, knowledge may be inferred from surrounding circumstances, such as receiving goods from a known thief or buying goods at a fraction of their real value. What are the positive outcomes of each level of mens rea? What are the potential unexpected negative outcomes of each level of mens rea?

Criminal trespass used to be limited to unauthorized invasions of physical property, but now it includes unauthorized access to electronic information systems. The most common of these crimes is identity theft but there are many others. What are some of the other crimes and what harms have they caused? Do you know anyone who has been a victim of any "electronic information system" crime? What harms did he/she experience?

Reference no: EM13868769

Explain it management -automated contract preperation tools

Explain IT Management -Automated Contract Preperation Tools and Summarize an overview of each tool as well as the pluses and minuses of each tool into an executive level

Addressing the different ethical conflicts

Write a 2-3 page, APA style paper addressing the different ethical conflicts the ADA might experience from serving his time in prison and on probation. Please include 2-3 refe

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Identify the legal issue(s) for the questions, explain the applicable rules of law, and use the facts to reach a decision. You cannot receive full credit for an answer if i

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Sims contracted in writing to sell Blake one hundred electric motors at a price of $100 each, freight prepaid to Blake's warehouse.- State all of the remedies under the Unif

Explain the most common forms of digital crime

Determine the category of computer crimes or cyber terrorism that presents the greatest overall threat at the present time. Provide a rationale to support your response.

More influence over the criminal justice system

In this assignment, you will focus on the Supreme Court ruling and aftermath of Tennessee v. Garner (1985). Scholars have argued that this one case has had more influence ov

How would you overcome the defenses to the alleged breach

Imagine you represent a person who claims to have been the victim of a breach of contract. Determine the information that you would need to know to best determine if there w

What are the rights of the parties in a suit by johnson

What are the rights of the parties in a suit by Johnson to enjoin Stella from working for Washington and a suit by Johnson to enjoin Dabney from soliciting Johnson's custome


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