What is the required cycle time in minutes

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Using the assembly-line balancing procedure, what is the required cycle time in minutes per unit if the daily production time is 480 minutes and the required daily output is 50 units?

Reference no: EM13250914

What is the utilization

if a plant was designed to produce 20,000 hammers per day but is limited to making 6,000 hammers per ay because of the time needed to change equipmnt between styles of hamme

How many critical paths are there

Project started on time yesterday. After only one day into project you receive a call informing you that due to a fire the "Design of Cust. Parts" is delayed 5 days. What po

What is the break even point in dollars

two students decide to open their own copy-service business. the annual fixed cost is $54,000 and the average variable cost for each copy sold is $.08. they expect to sell e

What is the objective function

Let x1 be the number of units to make and x2 be the number of units to buy. If it costs $1.5 to make a unit and $4 to buy a unit and 4,000 units are needed, what is the obje

Determine the expected number of entrants in the system

On the average, an entrant arrives at his station once every six minutes. Assume a single server waiting line system and determine the expected number of entrants in the sys

What are two or three issues affecting the implementation

What are two or three issues affecting the implementation of an effective operations management strategy? Explain the importance of each towards the development of an effect

What price should western turbine charge for labor

If the 10th unit contained labor costs of $2.5 million, what price should Western Turbine charge for labor on units 11 and 12 to make a profit of 10 percent of the selling p

What is the tracking signal

To determine when it is time to re-evaluate the usefulness of the exponential smoothing model you compute tracking signals. What is the tracking signal? What does the tracki


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