What is the range of all primitive data types
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Java Fundamentals

1. What is Java ?

2. What is Byte Code? (OR) What gives java it's "write once and run anywhere" nature?

3. What is the Java Virtual Machine (JVM)?

4. What is OOP ?

5. Expain the reason for each keyword of public static void main(String[ ] args) ?

6. What are the benefits of Java Language ?

7. What is a class ?

8. What is an object ?

9. What is the range of all primitive data types.

10. Default value (for fields/instance variable ) for any Object type is null.

11. What is the Java API(Application Programming interface)?

12. What is meant by variable?

13. What are the kinds of variables in Java? What are their uses?

14. What is a literal? How many types of literals are there?

15. What is an array?

16. What is the differences between == and equals() ? (OR)

What would you use to compare two String variables - the operator == or the method equals()? (OR)

How is it possible for two String objects with identical values not to be equal under the == operator?

17. What are the different comment tags used in Java ?

18. What is a constructor ? Can we overload constructors ?

19. What is this keyword ? What is its use.

20. What is the use of super keyword?

21. What is an abstract class?

22. Can we declare a class as Abstract even if it doesn't contains any abstract method.

23. What is a concrete class..

24. What is an interface?

25. Can a class extend an interface?

26. How many interfaces a class can implement?

27. How many classes a class can extend?

28. Can an interface extend another interface?

29. What is nested interface?

30. What is the difference between abstract class and interface ?

31. Name some interfaces that are without a method?

32. What are packages ? what is the use of packages ?

33. How many package statements a java file can have.

34. What is difference between importing "java.applet.Applet" and "java.applet.*;" ?

35. By default, all java programs import all the classes of the java.lang package. True/False?

36. What is the use of packages?

37. How can we access a class and its members defined in other package?

38. What is dynamic method dispatch?

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