What is the probability that d spoke the truth

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Four men, A, B, C, and D, each tell the truth independently with probability 1/3. D makes a statement which C reports to B, and then B reports to C's statement to A. If A asserts that B denies that C claims D is a liar, what is the probability that D spoke the truth?

Reference no: EM13141310

What is the probability that the chip ultimately drawn from

Urn I contains three red chips and one white chip. Urn II contains two red chips and two white chips. One chip is drawn from each urn and transferred to the other urn. Then a

What are the appropriate abc groups of inventory items

What are the appropriate ABC groups of inventory items? If demand for an item is 3 units per day, and delivery lead-time is 15 days, what should we use for a simple re-order p

Percentile for a sample

In a recent year, Delaware had the highest per capita annual income with $51,803 (µ = 51,803) . If σ = $4850, find the mean that falls at the 85th percentile for a sample o

Compare results with binomial and normal approximation

Assuming that Mendel's proportion of 3/4 is correct, find the probability of getting 787 or fewer plants with long stems among 1064 offspring plants. compare answers with bi

Confidence interval-mean salary of google managers

A random sample a 16 Google managers yield the following information on annual salaries. The sample mean is $69,000, with a sample standard deviation of $4,000. What is the

What is the probability that none of the tires have a flaw

In a large shipment of automobile tires, 10% have a flaw. Four tires are chosen at random to be installed on a car.What is the probability that none of the tires have a flaw?

Hypothetical system of linear equations

Given some of the applications of the business exercises presented in Chapter 6, how you can apply matrix methods to your own personal or professional scenarios? Provide an

Probability of accepting defevtive batches

Many companies use sampling to determine whether a batch should be accepted. A (n, c) sampling plan consists of inspecting n randomly selected items from a batch and accepti


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