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Six tasks, with times and precedence requirements as shown in the following table, are to be assigned to workstations. The desired output is 160 units per 8 hour day.

Task times and precedence relations are as follows.

Task time (minutes) preceeds task

A 1.2 B

B 0.9 C

C 1.5 D

D 0.4 --

E 1.9 B

F 1.6 B

A. What is the minimum cycle time? What is the maximum c ycle time? What is the calculated cycle time?

B. What is the minimum number of stations needed? Show work on scanned sheet.

C. Assign tasks to workstations based on greatest number of following tasks. Use longest processing time as tie-breaker. If ties still exist, assume indifference in choice.

D. Compute the percentage idle time for the assignment in part c

Reference no: EM1381293

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