What is the minimum allowable reliability for the backup

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Consider an extensive part with a reliability of 92.8%. If the part fails, it will cost the first $2,800. On each part, a backup can be installed that costs $80. What is the minimum allowable reliability for the backup that would make installing it worthwhile? Support your answer.

Reference no: EM131417042

Policies and procedures in healthcare organization

List 3 steps and explain those steps (EXAMPLES) of how HR managers could go about to ensure successful development and implementation of policies and procedures in a healthcar

What roles empathy play in making fair-ethical decision

What roles empathy play in making a fair, ethical decision? For example, you find someone breaking a can car to steal and you say nothing or someone didn't like gay customer t

Existing facility or build second facility at location

Pavlo Paxton is the owner of Paxton’s Landscaping located in Plano,Texas. Pavlo is trying to decide how to expand his business. Pavlo’s alternatives are to expand his existing

Compare productivity across periods

Vanessa now wants to compare productivity across periods. She sees that Betty the brownie baker worked 50 hours this week and baked 205 brownies. The week before, Betty worked

What is a hidden gem

What is a “hidden gem” or something that few would notice in Customer relationship management, that you find to be noteworthy/critical/game-changing/enlightening/etc., and why

Case study of volvo trucks international division

Case study of Volvo Trucks International Division. What is the statement of the problem? What is the alternative courses of action ? What is the analysis of alternative course

Feasible to just relocate and rebuild

In real property (Dream Home), location is key and it is the key value/price. So, if a new location has to be selected, it may impact the value that makes it more or less bene

List your potential competitive strategy

Imagine that you have an online business that you use to recruit potential employees for a network of businesses and organizations. While conducting research, you noticed that


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