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Suppose a loan payment (principle and interest) is $500 per month and the remaining term is 15 years (180 payments) and the present value of the mortgage is $59,251.76, what is the interest rate?

Reference no: EM13778838

The gulf oil spill and corporate social responsibility

Review the articles on the gulf oil spill and corporate social responsibility. In 250 words, explain how the philosophy of Milton Friedman played a role in management’s decisi

Oats and corn are the principal ingredients of the hog feed

Nutrifeed, a hog feedlot operation near Houston, Texas blends ingredients to make low cost feed for its hogs. Oats and corn are the principal ingredients of the hog feed. The

Role modeling in establishing culture of preparedness

How important is role modeling in establishing a culture of preparedness and safety in health organizations? How can we ensure that employees “walk the walk” (follow guideline

Creation of organization ethical culture in correct order

Roll over each item to read the description. Place the steps involved in the decision-making process, surrounding the creation of an organization’s ethical culture in the corr

Components of the strategic profit model illustrates

A firm's comparing its performance to competitors based on the components of the strategic profit model illustrates a. servqual b. benchmarking c. opportunity cost analysis d.

Active in integrating information technologies

Unlike large organizations, small organizations have been less active in integrating information technologies into their business operations. For example, some of the larger a

Deception with electronically mediated communication

There is a greater potential for deception with electronically mediated communication (EMC) than with face-to-face communication. What other ethical issues arise with EMC? Wha

Production scheduling method provides the greatest flexible

What two actions does Congress take relative to fiscal policy in the United States?________ and ______. Which one of the production processes best allows for direct influence


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