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Fritz has an open fire insurance policy on his home for a maximum liability of $60,000. The policy has a number of standard clauses, including the right of the insurer to restore or rebuild the property in lieu of a monetary payment, and it has a standard coinsurance clause. A fire in Fritz’s house destroys a utility room and part of the kitchen. The fire was caused by the overheating of an electric water heater. The total damage to the property is $10,000.00. The property at the time of loss is valued at $100,000.00. Fritz files a proof-of-loss claim for $10,000.00. What is the insurer’s liability in this situation? Explain fully

Reference no: EM13956607

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A company's main expense is its workforce, and for it at the end of each month the company has to pay $300,000 worth of salaries. The money comes from a payroll account that i

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You work for your college bookstore, which sells clothes, books, computers, snacks, school supplies, and college memorabilia. You are responsible for tailoring your advertisin

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Develop a production plan and calculate the annual cost for a firm whose demand forecast is fall, 10,100; winter, 8,100; spring, 7,100; summer, 12,100. Inventory at the beginn

Process is capable according to the managers standard

At your first job out of college you have been assigned to the production of bottled 20 oz. soda. The process has upper and lower spec limits of 20.5 and 19.5 oz, respectively

Calculate per-unit advantage-disadvantage of further process

Mitrex Company makes a semi-finished machine component for the heavy equipment industry that has a unit contribution margin of $250 to Mitrex. Calculate the per-unit advantage

Describe countertrade-what are the major disadvantages

Supply management question: Describe countertrade. What are its major advantages to a manufacturer from a developed country with a pegged currency? What are the major disadvan

Compute the budgeted cost of goods sold

Wesley Power Tools manufactures a wide variety of tools and accessories. One of its more popular items is a cordless power handisaw. Use the following information about this p


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