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A student taking Management Science 301 at East Haven University will receive one of the five possible grades for the course A, B, C, D, or F. The distribution of grades over the past 2 years follows: Grade: #of Students A 80 B 75 C 90 D 30 F 25 (assume the value of an A = 4, B = 3, C = 2, D = 1, F = 0) Answer the following: 1) what is the probability of getting a "C"?, 2) what is the Expected Value (or mean) of the distribution? what is the Variance of the distribution?

Reference no: EM132280863

Qualified residence acquisition debt interest

Janet and James purchased their personal residence 15 years ago for $300,000. For the current year, they have an $80,000 first mortgage on their home, on which they paid $5,75

Management of company wants to move the low technology

A company manufactures auto spare parts. The company employs 1500 workers in its two units. The management of the company wants to move the low technology, labor intensive par

Using probability analysis-decision tree model

A General Manger of Harley-Davidson has to decide on the size of a new facility. The GM has narrowed the choices to two: large facility or small facility. The company has coll

Effectively deploy those resources and capabilities

What percentage of organizations do you believe really understand (thoroughly) what resources and capabilities they own, which they need to develop or acquire, and how they sh

Discuss your role as a leader in the change process

Describe how individuals react differently to the change process. Why do you suppose these differences occur, and in what way would they affect the resulting changes?Discuss

Future and consider possible trends in society-echnology

Look into the future and consider possible trends in society, technology, economics, environmentalism, and politics that could influence Proctor and Gamble. Be sure to look be

Output required to obtain the required production

A company runs one shift a day, 240 days a year to with a total input production of 925,800 units of a product annually. Each product requires one of each of four parts whose

Business application-present example and systematic solution

In this discussion, begin by reviewing the companies listed in Appendix I. Select a company from the list that has an example presented in the text as a “business application.


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