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The goal of this assignment is to look at how advertising can be used to create different positions for products in the same product category.

What you need to do

You will start by selecting ads for two different brands within the same product category (e.g., two shampoo ads, two car ads, etc.) that are currently shown on TV or streamed online (e.g. before video clips on a news site, or on Hulu). While most ads will be available on youtube, you need to have seen it somewhere else before you locate it there. Answer the following questions for each ad and provide details from the ads to support your conclusions. The assignment is related to the material in chapters 15 and 16.

What you will turn in

Your submission should be no more than one page with 12-point font and 1-inch margins uploaded on Blackboard in a Word document. (Use bullet-points for and headings to organize your answers for each ad. It needs to have the following outline:

1. Ad content - Please describe each ad in some detail (2-3 sentences), and provide a URL for the ad from e.g., youtube.

2. Benefits and advertising appeal - State at least one benefit and one adversiting appeal for each ad. Some ads will have more than one benefit and appeal. You may state multiple benefits and appeals if you have space.

3. Executional style - What is the executional style used in each ad?

4. Promotion goal- indicate the promotion goal of the ad and explain your answer. Some ads will, to some extent, have more than one goal. If you think that is the case, select the one you think is the most important one.

5. Target Audience - Based on your knowledge of the products and the execution of the ads, provide a description of the likely target audience of each ad (which may be a subset of the target market for the product). Please provide an explanation for your conclusion.

6. Media Strategy - When and where have you seen each ad? You need to be specific. If, for example, you saw the ad on TV, you must state what network or program you were watching and the time of day. Given the target audience you identified in the previous question, and based on when and where you have seen the ad, do you think the advertiser has chosen an appropriate media strategy? Please explain your answer.

7. Most successful strategy - Which of the ads do you think is most successful? Please explain your answer.

Reference no: EM13738111

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