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An issuer has not offered or sold securities in the preceding 12 months. On January 1, it begins a rule 505 offering that remains open until June 1; it sells $4.5 million in securities in the offering. On May 1 of the same year, the issuer begins a rule 504 offering; in the second offering, which is open fro two months. The issuer sells $750,000 in securities. What is the effect of the aggregation rules on each of these offerings?

Reference no: EM132281552

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Vivian sues for her $1,000 deposit back, claiming that there was no mutuality of consideration for the agreement and that the contract was therefore void. Under applicable l

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How is the plaintiff able to establish a primafacie case of disparate treatment? What reasons did the employer offer for its decision to reassign the employer offer for its d

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Lisa and Danny are neighbors that live on Guerrero Street. Fifteen years ago Lisa built a gazebo. She frequently used the gazebo, but she was not aware that actually the gaz

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This assignment requires the students to apply the governance requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 to a managerial business setting. Students must analyze specific


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