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A 100-ft cut steel tape was used to check the layout of a building wall. The rear surveyor held 71 ft while the head surveyor cut 0.68 ft. What is the distance measured?

Reference no: EM131146767

Find how many trucks are needed to service the backhoe

A haul fleet of trucks having a heaped capacity of 15 cy. is to be loaded by a hydraulic backhoe excavator (CT=.48 min.) with a 3 1/2 cy. heaped capacity. Assume the materi

Calculate the deflection and the manometer liquid is mercury

A hemispherical bowl of radius r connected to a U-tube of constant radius r. Initially the the bowl is empty and the air/manometer liquid interface in both legs is at the le

What will be the decrease in the volume of the block

what will be the decrease in the longest side of the block, assuming that the material remains within the linear elastic region? What will be the decrease in the volume of t

Determine the acceleration of the first two drivers

Three stock car drivers are racing around a circular bend. They are each circling the bend at different radii: r(1)=249 m , r(2)=255 m , and r(3)=261 m . At a given instant,

Calculate the height above the waterline

A fully loaded, ocean going container ship is just stable about its longitudinal axis (roll). The ship has a total weight of 155,000 tons, length = 1,600 feet and a beam = 1

What are the internal forces and moment at point a

Consider the two loading scenarios on the beam, where the beam is supported by a pin joint on the left and roller joint at the right end. What are the internal forces and mo

Compute the least-squares line for predicting vertical

An article reports measurements of expansion for several concrete bridges in the area of Quebec City. Following are measurements of horizontal and vertical expansion (in parts

Determine the velocity and position of point

Over a long period, total phosphorus (TP) has been discharged to a lake through sewage and surface water runoff at a rate of 10 tons/day. Measures were then taken to reduce th


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