What is the difference between efficiency and effectiveness

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1. What is the difference between Efficiency and Effectiveness? Who in the organization is typically more responsible for achieving Efficiency vs. achieving Effectiveness – and why? How does this difference in job responsibility affect the approach to decision support provided to different levels of management in the organization?

2. What is data mining? What kinds of algorithms are used in data mining? As a business owner, what kinds of benefits can you get out of it? As an individual what kinds of concerns might this practice raise?

Reference no: EM131230017

Indicated in the UNCTAD report

Describe the following terms as indicated in the UNCTAD (2011) report. a. Core business b. Global value chains c. Non-Equity Modes of entry d. Countervailing power of partners

Performance based acquisition standards

Discuss whether small business concerns can be effectively addressed through performance based acquisition standards. Justify your discussion with an actual or theoretical exa

Which is the most effective and define effective

Collect two policies on an important legal compliance issue (e.g. two of the same policies such as sexual harassment, equal employment opportunity, family medical leave). Comp

Evaluate and present the impacts of the resources

Apply the best organizational development process skills the executives should use, Apply the change strategies within the short-term and long-term and Evaluate and present th

Initiatives and make recommendations for improvement

Apply systems thinking to analyze one of an organization’s work processes, problems, or initiatives and make recommendations for improvement. Think about your current or previ

Describe an incident-possibly involving yourself

Describe an incident, possibly involving yourself, in which bypassing occurred. Analyze specifically why it occurred, what might have been done to prevent its occurrence, and

Implement enterprise resource planning systems

Many companies implement enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems but are disappointed by the results when they do not realize the return on investment (ROI) that was projec

How many books should barnes and noble order

How many books should Barnes & Noble order? What is their expected profit? How many books do they expect to sell at a discount? What is the profit that the publisher makes gi


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