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Recreational Supplies Co. has net sales of $12,430,000, an ROE of 17.00 percent, and a total asset turnover of 2.44 times. If the firm has a debt-to-equity ratio of 1.25, what is the company's net income? (round intermediate calculations to 2 decimals and round answer to 2 decimal places , e.g. 12.25.)

Reference no: EM131225479

The opportunity to resolve the conflict

Consider if you will, that you are a member of the perceived out-crowd and that your group has traditionally completed whatever you were assigned with speed, accuracy, and eff

Describes in the law in breach and the restoration order

Compare and contrast our system and sense of crime and justice with one that Malinowski describes in "the law in breach and the restoration order" section of his book on pages

Were they valid or did you find loopholes in their arguments

Based on this student's repsonse would you disagree with their points or agree? Were they valid or did you find loopholes in their arguments? I agree that in many, if not most

What does the organization say formally about those efforts

How does diversity differ from EEO and affirmative action?  Tell us about your knowledge/experiences with an organization’s voluntary efforts to nurture diversity. What does t

Formulate an all-integer model

A manufacturer makes two types of rubber, Butadiene and Polyisoprene. The plant has two machines, Machine-1 and Machine-2, and both of them are used to make the rubber strips.

Misuses company facilities for possible personal gain

Two junior members or the production department unexpectedly come in to see you, the production director, to complain that their manager, who reports to you comments discrimin

Employees most likely to consider legitimate

What types of power are criminal justice employees most likely to consider legitimate? Explain why as an organization is “legitimized” by subordinates, it gains compliance fro

Certain type of construction project

The mean time required to complete a certain type of construction project is 61 weeks with a standard deviation of 4.15 weeks. What is the probability of the completing the pr


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