What is the average number of prescriptions in the queue

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The pharmacist at Arnold Palmer Hospital, Saad Alwan, receives 12 requests for prescriptions each hour, Poisson distributed. It takes him a mean time of 4 minutes to fill each, following a negative exponential distribution. Use the waiting line table, and Wq = Lq>X, to answer

Single Channel Two Channels

P 0 .33 .5
L s 2 cars .75 car
W s 60 minutes 22.5 minutes
L q 1.33 cars .083 car
W q 40 minutes 2.5 minutes

a) What is the average number of prescriptions in the queue?

b) How long will the average prescription spend in the queue?

c) Alwan decides to hire a second pharmacist, Ajay Aggerwal, whom he went to school with and who operates at the same speed in filling prescriptions. How will the answers to parts (a) and (b) change?


Reference no: EM13254941

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