What is the angular velocity of the pendulum immediately

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A pendulum consists of a slender rod, AB, of weight Wr= 8.60 lb and a wooden sphere of weight Ws= 21.7 lb .(Figure 1) The length of the rod is d = 7.70 ft and the radius of the sphere is R = 0.500 ft . A projectile of weight Wp = 0.400 lb strikes the center of the sphere at a velocity of v1 = 851 ft/s and becomes embedded in the center of the sphere. What is the angular velocity of the pendulum, immediately after the projectile strikes the sphere?

Reference no: EM13549327

Estimate the ground- level concentration at a distance

A point source with effective stack height of 50 m emits 80 g/s of on a clear summer day with surface winds at 4 m/s. Winds at 50 m are 5 m/s. An inversion layer starts at a

Oxidization of ammonia during nitirification

what is the final dissolved oxygen concentration (in mg/L) in the waste lagoon after all of the ammonium (NH4 + ) is converted to nitrate? Recall that 4.57 mg of O 2 is need

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A 400ft equal-tangent sag vertical curve has its PVC at station 200 + 00 and elevation 250ft. The initial grade is -5.0% and the final grade is +2.5%. Determine the elevatio

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For Problem 9.134, determine the change in exergy of the water flow and that of the air flow. Use these values to determine the second-law efficiency of the boiler heat exch

Determine what is the critical insulation radius

Water flows on the inside of a steel pipe with an inner diameter of 2.5cm. The wall thickness is 2mm, and the convection coefficient on the inside is 500 W/m2oC. The convect

Determine the force in each wire

The chandelier is supported by die four wires shown. Determine the force in each wire. Because of symmetry, the force in all four wires can be assumed to have the same value

Find magnitude and phase of all three line to line voltages

In a three phase balanced system, a delta connected source supplies power to a wye connected load. If the line impedance is 0.2 + j0.4 ohms, the load impedance 3 + j2 ohms,

What should be the dimensions of the channel

A trapezoidal channel is to design to carry a discharge of 75 m3/s at maximum hydraulic efficiency. The side slope of the channel is 2 H/1 V at the left and slope of right sid


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