What is probability that exactly four sets detect missile

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A missile protection system consists of n radar sets operating independently, each with a probability of .9 of detecting a missile entering a zone that is covered by all of the units.

a If n = 5 and a missile enters the zone, what is the probability that exactly four sets detect the missile? At least one set?

b How large must n be if we require that the probability of detecting a missile that enters the zone be .999?

Reference no: EM131027910

Identify a situation in your field of work

Comparing two groups. Identify a situation in your field of work that might call for the use of a t test for two samples. Which test will be used (independent or dependent)

Develop a scatter diagram

a. Develop a scatter diagram. b. Show correlation at the 0.05 significance level. c. Develop the regression line for the data. d. Add the regression line to your scatter d

Probability that sample of four fishing days daily catch

The probability that during a sample of four (4) fishing days, the weight of the daily catch will be between 109 tons and 151 tons is?

Sample of miniature tootsie rolls

A random sample of 10 miniature Tootsie Rolls was taken from a bag. Each piece was weighed on a very accurate scale. The results in grams were:

Hypothesis testing-consumption of saturated fats

Consumption of Saturated Fat: A nutritionist claims that the proportion of females who consume too much saturated fat is lower than the proportion of males who consume too m

Knowledge about hypothesis testing of mean

System data for a job shop revealed that the average time spent by a job in the shop was approximately n = 5 working days. Construct a statistical test using a level of signif

Relationship among intellectual-political-economic

1. What was the relationship among intellectual, political, economic, and social changes in the eighteenth century? What similarities and differences do you see between the

Determining sample proportion

Suppose that 15% of all adults jog. An opinion poll asks a simple random sample of 500 adults if they jog. What is the sampling proportion in the sample who jog?


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