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Assignment: Using Leadership to Improve Ethical Performance

1. Create five to seven questions to ask your chosen leader to determine his / her views of motivation, ethical leadership and performance. Then, conduct the interview based on your selected questions.

HINT: The following are some examples of questions. Feel free to select them from here. However, we urge you to revise your Assignment 2 for some ideas of what you would like to know from an experienced leader.


a. How would you define leadership?

b. As a leader, what do you do when people on your team aren't pulling their weight?

c. What is one of the greatest leadership challenges you have ever faced? What did you do? What was the result?

d. How would you describe your communication style?

e. Describe a situation in which effective interpersonal communication skills contributed to your success.

f. Describe your personal actions by which you convey to your staff that ethics/ethical behavior is a high priority with you and that you also expect it to be a high priority with your staff.

g. Related to the previous question, describe how your personal actions (demonstrating ethics is a priority) have impacted your staff and/or colleagues.

h. Describe a situation where you recognized a need to communicate clear expectations for ethical practice. How did you recognize that expectations had to be clarified? What did you do or say to clarify the expectations?

2. Analyze the leadership, motivation, and ethical values of the leader interviewed and assess its impact in the ethical performance of the organization.

HINT: You should summarize the answers that you gathered in your interview. Thereafter, you should compare and contrast his / her point of view about leadership with your own perception of it.

Reference no: EM131296241

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