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1. A student has to take 11 more courses before he can graduate. If none of the courses are prerequisite to others, how many groups of three courses can he select for the next semester? (report your answer as a whole number)

2. What is meant by “respondeat superior” and how and when does it apply in the law of agency? Under what circumstances can the principal be held liable for the torts of his or her agent? Give at least two hypothetical fact situations to illustrate when “respondeat superior” will apply.

3. The Vision of an organization and Human capital are critical concepts that require attention by management in any organization. Charting a vision for an organization and investing in its human assets are equally essential. But, if you were to select one or the other, which concept would you focus on and why? Please explain your position.

Reference no: EM132234758

Interest on retirement savings

A couple will retire in 50 years; they plan to spend about $26,000 a year in retirement, which should last about 25 years. They believe that they can earn 9% interest on retir

How would you respond in way that islegal-moral and ethical

You are the head of a computer science department at a university. Your boss (a “dean”) wants you to find a way to tweak your curriculum so undergrads are more likely to choos

Support its transmission assembly line

Maggie Moylan Motorcyle Corp. uses kanbans to support its transmission assembly line. Determine the size of the kanban for the mainshaft assembly and the number of kanbans nee

What is the recommended route for the power lines

What is the required length of power line required? What is the recommended route for the lines? With that change, what will be the requirement for power lines and what will t

What types of opportunities did you find

What types of opportunities did you find? What specific qualities or skill set are organizations looking for in interns or volunteers? What personally interests you most or le

How would you define bias in source-identify biased source

We have examined where good sources come from, but now it is time to consider what these sources actually say. For example, an article can come from a reliable source and be w

Employee of the month

Do you think practices such as the “Employee of the Month” are effective or not? What alternatives may HRM professionals consider to reward their superior performers?

Trading nations have become increasingly interdependent

What is one factor (per student) that aids in explaining why the world’s trading nations have become increasingly interdependent, from an economic and political viewpoint, dur


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