What is limiting depth of the exacavation to avoid heaving

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An excavation is proposed for a site consisting of a homogenous, isotropic later of silt clay, 14.24 m thick, above a deep deposit of sand. The groundwater is 2m below ground level outside the excavation. The groundwater level inside the excavation is at the bottom. The void ratio of the silt clay is 0.62 and its Gs is 2.7. What is the limiting depth of the exacavation to avoid heaving? Assume artesian condition is not present.

Reference no: EM13297708

Determine the resulting velocity of carriage

A 9in radius cylinder of weight 18lb rests on a 6lb carriage. the system is at rest when a force p of magnitude 2.5 lb is applied ( p is coming out of the car the cylinder is

Consecutive wet days with a probability of occurence

During the rainy season in a tropical country, the probability of a day being dry is 0.10. A dry day is defined as one without significant rainfall. Assuming that the number o

What are the advantages and disadvantages of each technique

Curves can be established by occupying cL or offset stations and then turning off appropriate deflection angles, or curves can be established by occupying a central control

What do will result if the concentration of waste is reduced

What DO will result if the concentration of the waste(Lw) is reduced by 50%? Assume that the flows remain the same and that the saturation value of DO is 10.83 mg/L in both

Discuss energy storage scheme from a conversion efficiency

an electrical-generation utility sometimes pump liquid water into an elevated reservoir during periods of low electrical consumption. this water is used to generate electric

What is the departure rate when the queue reaches vehicles

The arrival rate at a parking lot is 6 veh/ min. Vehicles start arriving at 6: 00 P. M., and when the queue reaches 36 vehicles, service begins. If company policy is that to

Determine maximum wind load that cavity wall is used

determine the maximum wind load that the cavity wall , bothe wythes are fully grouted but unreinforced ,and type S mortar portland cement is used . prism strength is equal t

Determine the number of truck loads required to obtain

For construction of an embankment, the soil is transported from a borrowed area using a truck which carries 5.5 m^3 of soil at a time, with the following details: For the Borr


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