What is difference between null and alternative hypothesis

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Question: 1. What role does the central limit theorem play in statistical hypothesis testing? In the construction of confidence intervals?

2. What is the difference between a null and alternative hypothesis? Among size, significance level, and power? Between a one-sided alternative hypothesis and a two-sided alternative hypothesis?

3. Why does a confidence interval contain more information than the result of a single hypothesis test?

Reference no: EM131444044

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The questions are from economics, mainly macroeconomics. The questions are clarify the non-market housing or social housing. Non-market or social housing is different from t

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Suppose the domestic and foreign interest rates are both initially equal to 4%. Now suppose the foreign interest rate rises to 6%. Explain what effect this will have on the

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Explain the concept of software as a service (SaaS) , and describe at least one application area in which SaaS is becoming important. Do you think the use of SaaS will expan


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