What is cross-tabulation segmentation technique

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What is Cross-tabulation Segmentation Technique?. Give an example from any business or product you are familiarity with and use the technique to develop your marketing segmentation strategy.

Reference no: EM131412426

Discuss about the local telecommunications organization

Assume the role of a consultant advising a benefits manager for a local telecommunications organization. The company is self-funded and has 25,000 employees, dependents, and

Define ethical thinking

If someone told me to define ethical thinking, I would say that ethical thinking has to do with an individuals morals. Often times ethical thinking is associated with the 'rig

Describe the evolution of managed care and the forces

Managed health care emerged in the early 19th century in response to the growing cost of medical services in the United States. It is an ever-evolving approach to combining

For profit hospital vs non-profit hospitals

Do a compare and contrast analysis of For profit Vs Non-Profit Hospitals Be as extensive as possible, but be sure to include the following: Markets, executive structure (i.e.

What steps should we take after defining the gap

What steps should we take after defining the gap? What are some strategic actions we can take that might lead to not filling the gap in certain situations? Identify the factor

Create a project network for the wedding project

Use the information provided to create a project network for the wedding project. There are video tutorials in your Module Supplements section of the course where you can se

Which is a symptom of teams displaying group think

Of the following, which is a symptom of teams displaying group think? Decision by __________ is often done by providing a suggestion and then forcing quick agreement by challe

Wells fergo bank scandal

Using the decision – making model evaluate and describe the ethical issues in Wells Fargo Bank scandal include any additional models , frame –works or criteria specific to eac


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