What is an anthropometric variable

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(a) What is an anthropometric variable? In what ways can anthropometric data be used at the workplace for the design of a manhole to be provided in a confined space for maintenance purposes?

(b) How would you identify ergonomic problems in a construction site? List the types of injuries that may be caused to a worker due to poor manual handling of loads.

(c) Describe a good handling technique that can be adopted by a worker who is required to lift, carry or move loads exceeding 18 kilograms repetitively in the normal course of his work


(a) Ergonomics is the study of work in relation to the physical environment in which it is performed. Describe, in detail, how you would assess and control the thermal environment to maximize productivity at a workplace where workers may be affected by heat stress

(b) Describe the steps which should be taken to conduct a Job Safety Analysis for a worker who is required to change a tyre at a workshop


The storage and handling of materials can be carried out effectively in an organization by having fewer lifting operations, shorter transport and handling operations and a well-organized storage system. Describe the various methods that can be used in an organization to ensure that the storage and handling of materials are carried out in such a manner to avoid any delays in the production process.


(a) Explain the effects of health and safety on a worker who is required to perform a job standing for a long period of time. What are the measures that can be taken by a worker to protect his health where work has to be performed in a standing position during the whole day?

(b) Describe how controls and warning signs can be utilized while operating any machinery to reduce the risk of any accident to a worker.

Reference no: EM132402

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What is a survey? Describe some research questions you might address with a survey.- What are some factors to take into consideration when constructing questions for surveys.

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Calculate the equilibrium potential of the calcium (Ca++) ion. The intercellular concentration of Ca++ is 0.0003 mM (millimolar) and it's extracellular concentration is 10 mM.

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Write a paper (750-1,000 words) regarding the use of the Spearman rank correlation coefficient by Messina, et al. in "The Relationship between Patient Satisfaction and Inpatie

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List all personnel you would consult with in order to gain adequate advice prior to commencing your reports. Consult with your instructor to determine management requirements.

What could have been done to improve the evaluation

By now you have read the de-identified competency evaluation completed by Dr. Griffin. With the knowledge you have gained from the lecture and text, do you feel the competen


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