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Writing 2 pages

Reading Reflection

please follow the directions carefully

please follow the directions carefully

Reading Reflection Must Include the following:

In 1-4 paragraphs, summarize the book. 1 page:

Your summary should include the main argument/thesis of the book.

Your summary should talk about the evidence that the author uses to support the thesis of the book.

Your summary should include the book title and period.

Your summary should include the main subjects of this book.

Your summary should include the context/setting of the book.

Your summary should how the author traces change overtime-what changed from the beginning of this period to the end of this period.

Your summary should include what the author argues are continuities the book.

Identify and Interpret one (1) Illustrative Fact : An illustrative fact is the information that the author uses to support the argument, or tell the story. Information that you find important that you did not already know. Look for statistics, laws, facts, etc. Here is an example from Michelle Alexander's book The New Jim Crow (2010):

Fact:"The impact of the drug war has been astounding. In less than thirty years, the U.S penal population exploded from around 300,000 to more than 2 million, with drug convictions accounting for the majority of the increase.

Interpretation: Drug arrest are one of the causal factors for mass incarceration.

Create three (3) hashtags with annotations : What is an annotation? An annotation is an explanation; therefore, your annotation should explain the hashtag.

Three (3) hashtags that answer this question: How does this book address the course description: "We will explore how the system and institution of slavery shaped America's economy, politics, culture, and fundamental principles. Additionally, this course will grapple with the gendered aspects of slavery, the communal practices of enslaved folks, and the resistances to slavery in the United States."

Single Spaced, 12 point, Times New Roman Font

At least two (2) pages, no longer than three (3) pages.

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