What is a buried verb and give an original example

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1. Why should writers avoid opening a sentence with There is or There are?

2. What is a buried verb? Give an original example. Why should they be avoided?

3. Why would a good writer avoid this sentence? When it arrived, I read your message and am now replying.

4. What are five document design techniques that business writers can use to enhance readability?

5. How can writers increase white space to improve readability?

6. What is the difference between serif and sans serif typefaces? What is the preferred use for each?

7. What are five specific items to check in proofreading? Be ready to discuss methods you find useful in spotting these errors.

8. In proofreading, why is it difficult to find your own errors? How can you overcome this barrier?

9. List four or more effective techniques for proofreading complex documents.

10. How can you overcome defensiveness when your writing is criticized constructively?

Reference no: EM13916396

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